Break for Holidays - Returning in February
Teams and players can still register until the end of school holidays
Age Groups
We don't have age groups.
  • Summer competitions have far fewer teams than the winter competition.
  • With fewer team, it is not possible to have groups of teams that are both the same age and same ability.
  • Some summer competitions retain age groups and, as a result, have both "A" and "D" teams  in the same divisions. The consequence is results like 13-nil
  • Spring Soccer does not have age groups, we group by ability, Strong U8 might play weak U9 etc.,,,,,, It is a continuum/spectrum.
  • With no age groups, there is no general requirement about ages of players in teams.
  • Of course, we would not allow U5 to play in an U10 team so we issue a guideline that the difference between the youngest and oldest player in any team should not be more than 18 months. This is a guideline and we do vary it.
We have never been able to attract enough girls teams to run an exclusive girls competition. The grading and placement is based on ability. It has been our experience that  most girls teams will face other girls teams of the same age but boys teams who are a year younger.

Age Range
In the winter competition, the age group teams are placed in is based on the oldest player, a single older child born in January can force the team into an older age group. Even if all children are in the correct agegroup there can be 12 months between teams  ie Jan-Dec. Also, players can request to play up an age group giving a potential 24 months range alternatively.

Based on what is appropriate for the winter competition we have arrived at the following principals.
(1)Team age will be determined based on the average age of the team.
(2)We recommend no more than 18 months between the youngest and oldest player in a team (this usually means siblings can play together).
(3)We will endeavour to ensure no more than 18 months between the average age of two teams.
(4)Results may impact this range so this is not absolute, for example U12 girls vs U10 boys would not be unexpected.

Maximum age: We will run any age where a competition is viable. In reality that means we can certainly run competitions for primary aged children. In general we have found that we can maintain a competition up to 16 but this may not be true of all grounds. We will keep you updated if you have registered and you are in the older age range. If you played last year it is almost certain that enough teams of your age will return so we can be confident of offering a competition.

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