Break for Holidays - Returning in February
Teams and players can still register until the end of school holidays
Special Measures as part of Covid 19 response
  • Unwell officials, Players or spectators: No one should attend if they feel unwell.
  • Identified Hotspots: Persons who have attended any of the reported case locations listed in NSW Health website, are excluded from participating.
  • Referees: All referees undertake specific training on actions to address Covid including what to do when unwell, disinfecting equipment at half-time/full time, player mixing, use of bibs etc
  • Information: Covid special measures available on web site from covid button and two covid marshals available at each location.
  • Grounds: All grounds are hired from local council who have their own plans and have information displayed at each venue
  • Social Distancing: All spectators should observe 1.5m social distancing.
  • Fields 1: Social Distancing will mean fewer fields marked at each ground, there will be at least 8 metres between fields.
  • Fields 2: Field markings will include indications for social distancing.
  • Times: Previously, half the fields would kick-off at the quarter hour and the other at the half hour. To minimise "crossover", games will kick-off at the same time and there will be a 15 minute break between the end of games and kick-off of the next.
  • Before and After: Grounds used/chosen have no choke points or areas that facilitate or encourage congregation before and after games.
  • Sharing Items: Please be aware of Covid risks from carpooling and mingling between households. Similarly, avoid sharing drink bottles, half-time refreshments like oranges etc
  • Equipment: All equipment will be treated with a disinfectant spray prior to kick-off and at each break. All equipment shall be washed down with detergent at the end of each session if it is to be used again within less than 5 days by a staff member who has washed hands prior.
  • Equipment: All bibs etc when used are dropped in the bins provided and laundered before reuse.
  • Disinfectant/Hand Sanitiser: Disinfectant will be available at each field. Hand sanitiser will be available at the two specified entrances at each location. Disinfectant and sanitiser is as provided by supplier "ready for use" and has not been diluted.
  • Temperature Checks: Temperatures will be taken at at least two locations near ground entrances. These will apply for all players, parents, referees and others. Anyone with a temperature of 37.5 degrees will be asked to wait and take a second test after 5 minutes wait. If the second test is also above 37.5 degrees they will be required to leave.
  • Replacement Players: Previously, any player from a previous game could fill-in for teams that were short of players. Now, only players that would otherwise be on the field or immediate family members of existing players can fill in. In short, if a team is short players they forfeit but can still play a game using a player from the opposition.
  • Confirmed Cases: Should there be a confirmed case with health requesting cancelling competition, all competitions will be cancelled ie if Wednesday is required to cancel, then both Tuesday and Thursday will also be cancelled. This is perhaps overly cautious however with the potential for equipment or staff to cross between days creates a risk. Should shutdown be required, refunds of $10 per day will be provided. No refund will be provided should games be cancelled because of weather or other similar occurences.
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