Soccer is OFF Wednesday 9/3/22 and Thursday 10/3/22
Teams and players can still register
Spring Soccer has set out to make 5-a-side games of soccer more available, less costly, simple and extending days offered. We play when mainstream soccer doesn't, weekdays in the summer.

The competition is structured into divisions. This might be 36 teams divided into 6 divisions or for 40 teams divided into 5 divisions.
Teams are regraded regularly to ensure games are competitive.

Games are played on fields approx 40m x 30m.
Games are played as 2 x 14 minute halves
5 Players on the field at any time 4 + goalie.
All games have a referee, (yep parents just have to watch and cheer)
Ball is kicked in from the side line (no throw-ins).
The ball cannot be kicked directly into the goal from a kick-in, it must touch a player first.
The ball cannot be kicked directly into the goal from a penalty except where it is for hand ball in the goal area.
There is no off side.
Passing back to the goalkeeper is discourage. Given the ages of the players we will not to always enforce this. It is left to referee if they believe it is a tactical action or an oversight.
Pre-printed match cards with names are next to the field, the only admin is to put a tick next to your child's name
Results will be recorded by the referee.
Parents can take it in turn to manage player interchange or appoint one person.
Opposition players should be 3 metres back from a kick in and free kick.
Goalie/Goal Kicks
 -There are no goal kicks, the goalie must always throw the ball
 -When thrown, the ball cannot pass over the halfway line on the full
 -Must be touched by another player before touched by the goalie again
Opposition should stand back 3 metres from the ball for kick-offs, corners etc

The purpose of Spring Soccer is the game not the competition. Should a team fail to arrive or forfeit we will form a composite team of players from games just finished. This ensure your team gets a game. With games only lasting 28 minutes, we need to act quickly to get replacements so if your team is 5 minutes late it will be replaced. GAMES CANNOT RUN PAST ALLOTTED TIME as it delays all games following.

The draw will be published on the Spring Soccer web site.

On the ground we will have a referee for each field plus a ground controller.
Should a regular referee call in sick, a replacement will be arranged.
Should there be a late absence, the Ground Controller will act as referee.
Two late/absences may require a parent to act until a replacement can arrive. (our experience is this occurs 1 in 300 games).
Our referees are impartial and imperfect. Almost all are under 18. If you have a problem see the grounds controller we take a strong view of adults bullying children.
Teams need to have the same coloured top. This could be anything from $5 T-shirts to school sports uniforms or professional jerseys. Bibs will be available at the grounds. These bibs can be used if there are two teams with similar colours or if the team has not decided on a colour. No numbers required.

Replacement Players- 
We play from the weakest/youngest teams through to the older ages over the afternoon.
Any player from an earlier game (or scheduled for the same timeslot) can fill in for a team, this is like a player from the "C" team playing up and filling in for the "A" team.
A player from a game with a later kick-off is playing in a stronger division. This is like an "A" player helping out the "C" team. This is OK as it will mean the game goes ahead but in will mean the result is recorded as a forfeit,

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