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Team Ranking/Trials/Results.
We are often asked about the process to initially grade teams and then regrading.
We recognise the process is not perfect but here is how we do it.

Unlike winter competitions, we do not rank players but we do rank teams so they can be placed against the right opponents.


Initial Ranking and Trials
 1 Any team from last year is given a score out of 100 depending on how they finish. If there were 50 teams playing then the top team was given 100, the 25th team 50 etc
 2 Players are awarded their team score.
 3 New teams are given an initial score based on the average score of their players (if known)
 4 Trial games are played pitting known teams against unknown as well as known vs known.
 5 Ideally each team plays two trial games
 6 Rankings are adjusted based on results. On average it works out that every 2 points in ranking will result in 1 point goal difference.
 7 Teams are ranked showing ranking (new teams that missed trials we make a guess) and average age .
 8 Teams are then placed in a division based on
      -their score,
      -the average age of teams in a given division is not more than 18 months apart (we extend the 18 months on occasion with girls teams, eg U12 girls can play with U10 boys)
      -sometimes special circumstances eg not all players turned up.


Regrading Based on Results
We always regrade after everyone has played each other once. In a competition where most divisions have 4 teams this is after 3 rounds, with 6 teams it is 5 rounds.
We never re-grade after one round, one result does not tell us which team is misplaced, you need at least 2. We will rarely re-grade after 2 rounds but it will depend on circumstances.

What we Expect When We Look At Results.
We check overall results to identify issues. We have come up with a relatively simple formula using goal difference.
Goal difference of 0-4 is normal for the majority of games
Goal difference of 5-8 is what you might expect when a top team plays a bottom team in a division (20% of games).
Goal difference of 9+ ideally should never occur and we will work to remove these situations.

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