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Teams and players can still register

Almost all teams are formed by a group of friends registering together. We do not require any group of players to take players they do not know but a group must have at least 5 players to participate.
We take registrations from individuals and smaller groups and will do our best to place them eg two groups of 3 friends makes a team of 6.
We cannot guarantee that we will be able to place every player as it depends on appropriate team mates register.

I Want to Make a team
To make a team, choose a name that isn't too common Common names like "tigers", "Ninjas" or "black panthers" get chosen by multiple groups.
Having chosen a name, eg "Punks", each player signs up and nominates "punks" in response to the question of the team they wish to join.
Remember, if you let others know your team name, they may nominate to join. We can normally sort this out but it is easier if you ensure only intended team mates sign on with the team name.

I Don't Have Team
We will do our best to try and find you a team but cannot guarantee anything In particular, if you leave it late to register we have often already formed teams. For eample, if we have 21 players looking for a team, we creat three teams of 7. If three more players then join we have to no team for them but if we had started with 24 teams we would have formed 4 teams of 6.

Also, we tend to have more luck in finding teams for younger players, older players are for more likely to sign on as a group and not be looking for additional players.


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